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John Shaw - Vocals and original lyrics on all songs

Curtis Worden - Drums and percussion on all songs, Backing vocal on 'Stone Cold Killer'

Gary Williams - Fender P-Bass and Gibson Ripper Bass on all songs, Mandolin and Martin D-16 on 'In My Dreams', Hardluck Kings Bombshell on 'I Need A Drink', 'Undone', 'Stone Cold Killer', 'Heroes' and 'One More Time',

Kenny Blue Ray Strat on 'Rip It Up', Backing vocal on 'Stone Cold Killer'

Mitch Davis - Les Paul on 'This Kind of Girl' and 'Chase The Sun'. B.C.Rich Mockingbird on 'Undone', 'Rip It Up', 'In My Dreams' and 'One More Time'

Special Guests:  

Chris Pearre - Keyboards on This Kind of Girl', 'Chase The Sun', and 'Rip It Up'

Stephanie Patereau - Background Vocals on 'This Kind of Girl', 'Chase The Sun', and 'Stone Cold Killer'

Nicole Ridgwell - Violin on 'I Need A Drink', 'In My Dreams', and 'Undone'; and incredible voice on 'Stone Cold Killer'

Barry Ridgwell- Harmonica on 'Heroes', 'I Need A Drink' and 'Undone'; Vocal back-ups on 'Stone Cold Killer'

Michael Roy Gutierrez - Piano and Strings on 'Heroes'

Val Popovic- Les Paul Solos on 'Rip It Up' and 'Undone'

Mike Horman - Fender Strat and Super Champ Amp Solos on 'Stone Cold Killer'

Roger Hanner - Recording Engineer, Purveyer of Positive Zen @ Celestial Sound Studio in Modesto, Ca.

Produced by Gary Williams

All rights reserved 2017

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