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 Swing Shift - Lucky

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Swing Shift started as a coffee shop gathering at the Red Rock Cafe in Mountain View, CA in 1995. Peter was playing with John Stokes (guitar), Dave Tupper (bass), Dave Hydie sang (guitar, harp, slide) and Jerome (drums). Gary wandered in while walking past toward the popular restaurant zone and stopped in for a cup or two. The music was captivating and before long they had him sitting in. When Dave Tupper went on vacation to Guadamala, Gary was asked to fill in for a few weeks. Both Mtn. View residents, Peter and Gary started practicing together and attending every Kenny Blue Ray gig in the area. A friendship between the three developed and before long Kenny was asking Peter and Gary to 'sit-in' at his gigs. It wasn't long until Peter was able to land his own gigs, and with Kenny Gross on drums and Kenny Blue Ray on lead guitar, Screamin' Iain McLeod made a real nice combo and started playing out as the 3rd Street Blues Band. Soon after, the idea to call the band Swing Shift came to Peter and a trip to the studio with Gene Pardue and Jim Overton for a practice tape resulted in his first CD, Swing Shift. 

From the Live appearance at The Ivy Room, in San Pablo. Previously unreleased, produced by Peter Brown

written by Hubert Sumlin

Peter Brown - Guitar

Steve Freund - Guitar

Screamin' Iain McLeod - Vocals and harmonica

Gary Williams - Bass

Gene Pardue - Drums

Can't Keep It Up
Too Many Dirty Dishes - featuring Steve Freund
  • Live version of the first cut from the CD, Lucky, produced by Peter Brown. The last gig before naming the band Swing Shift and pressing the CDs. Written by Rick Estrin

  • Screamin' Iain McLeod - Vocals and harmonica

  • Peter Brown - Guitar

  • Kenny Blue Ray - Guitar

  • Brian Mahoney - Keyboards

  • Gary Williams - Bass

  • Kenny Gross - Drums

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